Electomotive is a company focusing on cheap easily available IoT devices; currently focused on home automation. Our current primary purpose is to target new constructions of homes and office buildings to provide them with a unique energy efficient solutions in the age of energy crisis. Our product as compared to our competitors is cheap, easy to install and globally accessible. We have been here around the past one year developing and perfecting our products, recently launching home automation devices in Pakistan. The technology is relatively new to the Pakistani market and due to its price range and is currently limited to the elite circle who can afford the luxury of having such devices in their house hold. Our main challenge is to create awareness, through mass marketing, minimizing the cost to eradicate the taboo around expensive home automation devices. So that we can compete with the current low cost traditional switch boards. The home automation system market was valued at USD 39.93 Billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 79.57 Billion by 2022 globally, so we aim to tap in that market and help Pakistan to compete with the rest of the world, with serious talks happening around CPEC we have chosen home automation to be the start of a technologically aware and accepting Pakistan.

Our startup’s motto is to able to become a common household name for quality energy efficiency products. Firstly we aim to target Pakistan’s power crisis at a very basic level. Secondly, we aim to environmentally benefit Pakistan in several ways. One is that energy consumption can be better controlled. Also, the environmental impacts of energy sources and technologies such as greenhouse gas emissions and pollution can be reduced. In addition, energy planning can contribute to innovative implementations of green energy technologies so as to achieve improved sustainability and global stability, particularly during a transition to a green energy based economy.